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USpace design case study

This story is about design I made for Ungert Design from 10/2014 to 04/2015 in collaboration with the team: Ilya Belikin, Gleb Vodovozov, Yuri Karabatov, Hebitz Lau.

by Michael Sharanda
Published on December 2015

Uspace — is a mobile app for indoor location based on iBeacon technology. I believe it’s super interesting and unexplored area. And no other company done it “well”. It might seem a little creepy in terms of privacy, but it’s just a matter how you use it. It’s not not less private than to let other people see you, I believe.

Here’s the general look of the app:

Let’s go deeper in the process. First thing we had to define is: the general look and editor for indoor plans. My key focus was on:

  1. Keep it light.
    All assets and plans suppose to be vector-based to make loading as fast as possible and provide infinite zoom possibilities with no quality loss.
  2. All in 1 style, but easy to recognise.
    Brand image and stylish look is important, but also we must see that table is table and sofa is sofa.
  3. Don’t annoy anyone.
    It’s an everyday use app, so, let’s make it suitable for fancy teenagers and severe businessman.

This is how editor mode looks like:

I don’t think it needs additional explanation. Most users intuitively understand what to do and how it works.

I’ve designed a whole set of general assets, here’s a little insight how it works:

Assets designed in a super simple way, so any other designer can continue designing them. Every asset has 50% 1px black border, in order to fit to almost any background colour. All coordinates are whole numbers.

For our clients we even design custom assets for better space orientation:

The login screen:

I made a set of these characters for marketing purpose to illustrate types of users:

Spaces navigation (aerial view):

One of the coolest things is that you can control your IoT devices with Uspace, here’s some examples:

Finally, the promotional website: